Jul 23

TUESDAY, JULY 23 AT 10:00 AM CENTRAL TIME. The desire to achieve net-zero by 2050 has channeled billions of dollars into hydrogen projects worldwide. However, crucial questions about hydrogen's climate impact remain unanswered.

Jul 30

TUESDAY, JULY 30 AT 1:00 PM CT. In the U.S., the transportation sector is the largest greenhouse contributor, and most of it comes from on-road transport. Hydrogen has been widely recognized as a solution to help decarbonize transportation, but many challenges to its widespread adoption remain, such as refueling infrastructure, cost, and other technologies.

Aug 22

The 13th Annual Green Transportation Summit & Expo is the leading event for sustainable transportation, featuring networking opportunities, informative sessions, workshops, vehicle demonstrations, and more. Attend GTSE 2024 for keynotes, workshops, and networking events focused on transportation decarbonization and collaboration in the clean transportation industry. Co-located with RE+ Northwest 2024, the event will highlight solar, storage, wind energy, and electric vehicle infrastructure integration.

Sep 6

WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 4 - FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 9, 2024. North America’s burgeoning renewable energy landscape, driven by attractive tax incentives like the IRA and Canada’s and the USA’s abundant natural resources, rapidly evolves into a prominent investment destination for electrolyser OEMs and renewable hydrogen initiatives.

Sep 12

MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 9 - THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 12.Your Hydrogen Pathway at RE+ 24. Explore hydrogen’s transformative potential on the Hydrogen Pathway at RE+ 24! Experience the future of hydrogen first-hand with the latest innovations from leading companies and startups in the hydrogen sector. View state-of-the-art solutions and how they can be applied to your projects and initiatives.

Oct 4

SEPTEMBER 30 - OCTOBER 4. The largest community of senior hydrogen professionals will convene in Copenhagen for a week of knowledge-sharing, innovation and networking with the ultimate goal of achieving a net-zero economy.

The week includes the return of World Hydrogen Derivatives, World Hydrogen Intelligence Day and World Hydrogen Global Projects Summit, along with the 5th annual World Hydrogen Congress and to drive forward the transition of clean and sustainable energy.

Oct 10

WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 9 - THURSDAY, OCTOBER 10. RENMAD H2 USA 2024 is scheduled to take place in Chicago on October 9th and 10th, this hydrogen conference will bring together around 300 participants and 60 speakers over two days. It offers a fantastic opportunity to learn about hydrogen projects and to network with industry professionals.

What will you gain from attending RENMAD H2 USA:

Nov 20

TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 19 - WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 20. The launch of the Regional Clean Hydrogen Hubs program includes up to $7 billion to establish hubs across America, but key questions remain; how do we produce clean hydrogen at the volumes needed to support this burgeoning ecosystem, at comparable prices to gray or blue Hydrogen? And who are the potential users of green hydrogen?

Dec 5

WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 4 - THURSDAY, DECEMBER 5. The Hydrogen Decade: One Dollar, One Kilogram by 2030

The hydrogen economy is a once-in-a-generation opportunity for businesses in North America. Fuelled through federal government tax credits, funding through the Inflation Reduction Act and the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, the enormity of the opportunity ahead is almost unfathomable.

Jan 16

The 2025 Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Seminar, being held January 14-16, 2025, at the Long Beach Convention Center in Long Beach, California. 
The Seminar is the longest running and most comprehensive hydrogen and fuel cell industry conference in North America, with a history of showcasing the latest cutting-edge technical and commercial progress from leading researchers, experts, and executives.