Caltrans - Call for Medium- and Heavy-Duty ZeroEmission Vehicle Charging and Hydrogen Fueling Project Concepts Guid
Publish Date: 7/3/2024

The California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) Director’s Office of Sustainability invites interested providers of medium- and heavy-duty (MHD) zero-emission vehicle (ZEV) charging and hydrogen fueling services to submit project concepts for consideration by Caltrans for nomination to the California Transportation Commission’s (CTC) Trade Corridor Enhancement Program (TCEP).1 Projects should align with the state’s goals for equitably advancing the adoption of zero-emission vehicles. Caltrans is searching for ZEV infrastructure projects to nominate to TCEP that would otherwise be unavailable to parties without the support and nomination from a public agency.

Submission of a project concept is the initial step for entities that wish to engage with Caltrans for potential nomination to the CTC’s competitive grant funding opportunity for MHD charging and hydrogen fueling projects through TCEP.

Outside of this call for project concepts, Caltrans encourages charging and hydrogen fueling providers to engage with the Department on ideas to advance transportation electrification.

Action Date:

  • Release of call for project concepts 06/20/2024
  • Deadline to submit questions for FAQ 06/26/2024
  • Anticipated posting of FAQ 07/03/2024
  • Project concepts due 07/10/2024 by 11:59 p.m. PDT


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California Transportation Commission (CTC) Trade Corridor Enhancements Program (TCEP)
Publish Date: 7/3/2024


CalTrans is soliciting project concepts for Medium- and Heavy-duty ZEV Infrastructure (charging and H2) of up to $60MM (recommended 50% cash cost share) to be submitted to the California Transportation Commission 2024 Trade Corridor Enhancement Program (see links).
• The CalTrans project concept submittal deadline is July 10, 2024, 11:59 pm PDT.
CalTrans is soliciting project concepts for Medium- and Heavy-duty ZEV Infrastructure (charging and H2)

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EPA Clean Heavy-Duty Vehicles (CHDV) $939M Grant Program
Publish Date: 7/3/2024

The EPA anticipates awarding up to $932 million in competitive grant funding under the 2024 Clean Heavy-Duty Vehicles Grants Program Notice of Funding Opportunity. The program is soliciting applications nationwide for a grant competition to fund the replacement of existing non-zero-emission Class 6 and 7 heavy-duty vehicles with zero-emission Class 6 and 7 heavy-duty vehicles.

All application packages must be submitted electronically to the EPA through no later than Wednesday, July 25, 2024 at 11:59PM (ET) to be considered for funding.

Eligible applicants include: States, Municipalities, Public Schools, Indian Tribes
• Eligible vehicles include: Class 6 & 7 vehicles
• Eligible projects costs include: Incremental cost of ZEV, infrastructure purchase & installation, driver and technician training, project management
Applications due July 25
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NYSERDA has made updates to round 2 of PON 5500, which include
Publish Date: 7/3/2024

• Proposal Due date changed from July 15, 2024, to August 8, 2024.
• Funding Category B (Pilot and Demonstration Projects) changed to two separate subcategories: Subcategory B1 for pilot-scale design projects, and Subcategory B2 for final design, construction, and operation of demonstration projects.
• Added new requirements for cost sharing.
• Updated requirements for proposal attachments.

A list of frequently asked questions can be found at the solicitation website: PON5500 Frequently Asked Questions. Proposers are encouraged to check this FAQ file regularly for any updates.

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Ca. Energy Commission - MDHD ZEV Station Development in California - Beta Version
Publish Date: 7/3/2024

• This is an interactive dashboard that allows the user to zoom in to see where MDHD ZEV projects are being developed in California, with data fields including the address of public stations and port and/or nozzle counts.
• Members comment on the CEC Docket and the request from CEC to provide feedback for their HD Station Map.
CEC MDHD ZEV Station Map
CEC Docket (24-ALT-01)

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Ca. Air Resources Board - Innovative Small E-Fleet (ISEF) Funding
Publish Date: 7/3/2024

ISEF is currently open, with $38 million available for eligible small fleets to request increased vouchers.

California fleets can visit the ISEF Purchaser webpage to view offerings and apply to participate in ISEF. Guidelines to participate in ISEF are available through Appendix F of HVIP's Fiscal Year 2023-24 Implementation Manual.

  • 52 unique small fleets requested vouchers for FY 2021-22
  • 78% of vouchers requested were for trucks domiciled in a disadvantaged community
  • Average fleet size for participants was 5 vehicles
  • $25M allocated for Fiscal Year 2020-21, an additional $10M was allocated from broader HVIP to meet the demand by small fleets
  • $33M allocated for Fiscal Year 2022-23, an additional $50M was allocated from broader HVIP to further fund ISEF vouchers for small fleet purchases
  • $14.3M allocated for Fiscal Year 2023-24

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Sacramento Metro Air District
Publish Date: 7/3/2024

The Sac Metro Air District has over $10 million in mobile source incentive funding to improve air quality and promote cleaner technology in Sacramento. Funding is available to replace existing heavy-duty vehicles with zero or near-zero-emission trucks and buses, replace older farm tractors, upgrade locomotives, install low-carbon fueling infrastructure, and fund other eligible project categories. Click the links below to learn more about our grant solicitation and program requirements.

• SACAQMD has allocated more than $13 million for zero-emission trucks and other innovative mobile source projects
• Applications opened on June 24
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U.S. Department of Transportation’s Charging and Fueling Infrastructure Grant Program
Publish Date: 5/22/2024

Purpose of Request:
The California Energy Commission (CEC) in partnership with the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans), the Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT), and the Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) are seeking information to support potential medium- and heavy-duty corridor projects under the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Charging and Fueling Infrastructure Discretionary Grant Program (CFI Program). California plans to be the lead applicant for a Fiscal Year (FY) 2024 tri-state medium- and heavy-duty (MDHD) CFI corridor proposal. In this Request for Information, the three states are seeking input regarding where sites would be most used and useful in the near term (2024-2027), site characteristics, power level and types of charging, and other factors that will better inform the states’ application to deploy publicly accessible charging infrastructure for zero-emission MDHD vehicles.

The Joint Office of Energy and Transportation (JOET) recently released its National Zero-Emission Freight Corridor Strategy.1 The strategy describes a phased approach for zero-emission vehicle (ZEV) charging and fueling infrastructure, establishing hubs from 2024 to 2027 and connecting those hubs from 2027 to 2030. The JOET encourages parties to align with this strategy in funding applications, and this RFI seeks to gather insights to aid in sequencing the tri-state CFI application(s) with this strategy. The vision of the three states is to identify a limited number of MDHD battery electric hubs and connections in a tri-state FY 2024 CFI application for publicly accessible battery-electric charging infrastructure. California, Oregon, and Washington retain the vision of fostering a West Coast MDHD battery-electric and hydrogen highway along Interstate 5 (I-5) (and beyond) in the coming years. The two future rounds of CFI applications may consider a focus on publicly accessible hydrogen fueling and filling in gaps for both MDHD charging and hydrogen fueling stations.

California intends to submit one tri-state application for FY 2024 for three project sites in California, two project sites in Oregon, and two project sites in Washington to achieve a publicly accessible network of hubs that reflect the National Zero-Emission Freight Corridor Strategy2 along I-5. Funding awarded to the tri-state project would be competitively bid in a formal solicitation process by each state. 

The FY 2024 Notice of Funding Opportunity has not yet been released for CFI. The three states are doing advanced planning, and seek responses and comments to this RFI, via docket by June 10, 2024

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EPA’s $3B for Ports
Publish Date: 5/13/2024

• $2.8B for ZE Port Equipment and Infrastructure
• $150M for Climate and Air Quality Planning
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Due May 28

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CEC $16M Hydrogen Project Funding $16M Hydrogen Project Funding
Publish Date: 5/13/2024

• Eligible items include, but are not limited to, compressors, chillers, liquid and gaseous hydrogen pumps and storage, electrolysis equipment, transformers, switch gear, hydrogen pumps, high-pressure storage, point-of-sale systems, piping, and pipelines.
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VW Zero-Emission Freight and Marine (ZEFM) Grant Fund Open
Publish Date: 5/13/2024
  • $20M Available
  • Stacking with CORE Allowed
  • Eligible equipment includes forklifts (>8,000#) Airport GSE, Terminal Tractors, Ferries/Tug Re-powers, Shore Power & More
  • First-come, First-served basis until funding is exhausted
  • Read more Here
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EnergIIZE Hydrogen Funding Lane Opening
Publish Date: 5/13/2024

• Highest incentive funding cap of all EnergIIZE funding lanes
• Covers 50-75% of eligible equipment and software costs up to $3 million (standard) or $4 million (Jump Start equity criteria).
• Covers a wide range of H2 Infrastructure Equipment & Software
Read more about EnergIIZE Here  Register for EnergIIzE Funding Workshop Here

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The Clean Hydrogen Program GFO-23-307 Large-Scale Centralized Hydrogen Production solicitation (H2CENTRAL)
Publish Date: 5/6/2024

• Questions and Answers document and Addendum 1 will now be released the week of May 6, 2024, GFO web page located here . 

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Biden-Harris Administration Announces Nearly $1 Billion in Grants to Invest in America’s Clean Heavy-Duty Vehicle Transition
Publish Date: 4/24/2024

WASHINGTON — Today, April 24, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency announced the launch of the nearly $1 billion Clean Heavy-Duty Vehicles Grant Program to fund the replacement of certain polluting heavy-duty vehicles with zero-emission vehicles. Funded through the Inflation Reduction Act under President Biden’s Investing in America Agenda, EPA will award competitive grants for projects that will reduce climate and air pollution from heavy-duty vehicles, support good-paying jobs and improve air quality for communities across the country, particularly those overburdened by air pollution.

“President Biden and his entire administration are working to ensure every community can breathe clean air. EPA’s Clean Heavy-Duty Vehicles Grant Program will slash climate and air pollution and enhance the country’s infrastructure by funding the deployment of zero-emissions vehicles and installation of supporting infrastructure,” said EPA Administrator Michael S. Regan. “The program’s historic investment in zero-emission vehicles will secure our nation’s position as a global leader in clean technologies that address the impacts of climate change.”

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