• 32nd Hydrogen Station Opens in Mountain View, California

    The Mountain View hydrogen station is open for business! It is the 32nd retail hydrogen station in California and was developed by Linde North America. Linde also operates the San Ramon, San Juan Capistrano and West Sacramento hydrogen stations.

    Mountain View hydrogen station photos, California

    Mountain View is located in Silicon Valley, a key early adopter area for all types of electric vehicles, including fuel cell electric. 

  • Largest Bus Manufacturer Markets Fuel Cell Buses

    Across the globe, we continue to see good news about fuel cell electric buses (FCEBs) in North America, China, Japan and Europe.

    In California, we have 21 FCEBs in operation, more than 15 years of service and more than 2.5 million miles of experience; they perform as well as any conventional bus. In the next few years, California will more than double its fuel cell bus fleet, adding 32. 

    New Flyer Fuel Cell Bus 2018

    New Flyer Industries, the largest manufacturer of buses in North America, is building 25 of those 32 buses.