• Hydrogen Costs to Fall Sharply Within the Decade

    Up to 50% cost reduction appears achievable within this decade as scale up accelerates

    Brussels, 20 January 2020 – A new report published today by the Hydrogen Council, Path to Hydrogen Competitiveness: A Cost Perspective, shows that the cost of hydrogen solutions will fall sharply within the next decade, sooner than previously expected. As scale up of hydrogen production, distribution, as well as of equipment and component manufacturing continues, cost is projected to decrease by up to 50% by 2030 for a wide range of applications, making hydrogen competitive with other low-carbon alternatives and, in some cases, even conventional options.

  • Energy Storage & Hydrogen Fueling Infrastructure Funding Opportunities Released by the California Energy Commission

    Hydrogen Infrastructure Progress Report Also Released

    In the last weeks of December, the California Energy Commission released two grant funding opportunities (GFOs) and one report that are important in the rollout of hydrogen fueling infrastructure and fuel cell electric passenger cars, and potentially key to the stimulus of renewable hydrogen production in California.