• SOSS Station Refresh

    Fuel cell electric car drivers:

    We’ve added a new status symbol to the Station Operational Status System (SOSS) to help you better manage your time when you are fueling your Honda Clarity, Hyundai NEXO or Toyota Mirai.

    SOSS Station Refresh iconWe’ve added an hourglass symbol to let you know when the station is in the refresh process. Previously, when a station was in this refresh process, it appeared on SOSS that the station was in limited mode (yellow triangle symbol) or offline (red square symbol). These moments created frustrations for drivers.

  • European Union Releases Hydrogen Strategy

    Today, the European Union adopted strategies for energy system integration and hydrogen, paving the way “towards a more efficient and interconnected energy sector, driven by the twin goals of a cleaner planet and a stronger economy.” In particular, the hydrogen strategy reflects the need and opportunity for countries and regions across the EU to collaborate on development and benefits from the expanding hydrogen economy. This coordinated approach will enable hydrogen integration activities to address needs and add value locally, while simultaneously creating a more resilient, durable and effective energy systemutilizing renewable hydrogen and electricityacross Europe.

  • AB8 Webinar Questions and Responses from CaFCP and CARB, 2019

    Thank you for joining us for the October 30, 2019 AB 8 Webinar. We’ve tried to answer most of your questions as thoughtfully as possible and included relevant documents where necessary. In some cases, we responded directly to you. 

    You can find the video recording from the webinar here, and a PDF of the presentation here.

    Questions about Vehicles