Hydrogen Village March 6, 2024

Hydrogen Village at the State Capital showcases the value and performance of hydrogen and fuel cell technologies.

March 6, 2024

Hydrogen Hubs Announcement

Last week, we welcomed the announcement by President Biden and Secretary Granholm of the hydrogen hubs that were selected to help accelerate the hydrogen economy in the United States. 

What began with more than 70 applicants ended with seven hubs selected to begin negotiations for $7 billion in funding. Each is focused on hydrogen production that is uniquely suited to their region and industries and sectors that will benefit from renewable, zero and low-carbon hydrogen.

By The Numbers

FCEV Sales, FCEB, & Hydrogen Station Data - December 31, 2022


California Fuel Cell Partnership becomes a national organization: the Hydrogen Fuel Cell Partnership

  • Hydrogen Fuel Cell Partnership (HFCP) launches national hydrogen mobility strategy that focuses on building a hydrogen fueling network across the U.S. for heavy-duty trucks, enabling links between ports, hydrogen hubs and more
  • HFCP evolution to a national nonprofit reflects the growth of hydrogen mobility in California and the acceleration of hydrogen in the United States and across the world

Hydrogen Village at the California State Capitol

On April 6, CaFCP and the California Hydrogen Coalition hosted the first Hydrogen Village at the California State Capitol in Sacramento. The event was an opportunity to showcase the value and performance of hydrogen and fuel cell technologies, and tell the larger story of how they will help California achieve its climate, equity and economic goals.

Hydrogen Village Overview April 6, 2022
Photo credit: Chantel Elder & CaFCP

California Fuel Cell Partnership Envisions 70,000 Heavy-Duty Fuel Cell Electric Trucks Supported by 200 Hydrogen Stations in-State by 2035

  • CaFCP releases vision document that calls for policy signals to unlock and accelerate private investment in trucks, infrastructure, and hydrogen production 
  • CaFCP’s members recognize that a self-sustaining market is possible if government acts now

Sacramento, CaliforniaToday, the California Fuel Cell Partnership (CaFCP) released a new foundational document for heavy-duty class 8 fuel cell electric trucks (FCETs), “Fuel Cell Electric Trucks: A Vision for Freight Movement in California and Beyond,” that envisions 70,000 trucks supported by 200 heavy-duty tr