Hydrogen Hubs Announcement

Last week, we welcomed the announcement by President Biden and Secretary Granholm of the hydrogen hubs that were selected to help accelerate the hydrogen economy in the United States. 

What began with more than 70 applicants ended with seven hubs selected to begin negotiations for $7 billion in funding. Each is focused on hydrogen production that is uniquely suited to their region and industries and sectors that will benefit from renewable, zero and low-carbon hydrogen.

Many have rightly recognized that the mobility sector – particularly heavy-duty trucks and buses – can scale rapidly and quickly become a user of the hydrogen to be produced.  For example, California’s ARCHES hub will pursue a 1,000-bus project, building on the success of many years with fuel cell electric buses. Additional efforts by state and local entities will drive adoption of fuel cell electric trucks at ports and beyond. Altogether, these and other hub efforts across North America to scale mobility will clean the air, reduce noise and further productivity. 

The Hydrogen Fuel Cell Partnership brings together industry and government to identify and address common issues and obstacles. We recognize the benefits and challenges of a public-private partnership and offer our insights gleaned from more than 20 years of experience. 

This is an exciting time for the hydrogen economy, here and across the world. We welcome the opportunities that are emerging and look forward to furthering hydrogen mobility through these and other efforts.