Studio City Hydrogen Station Opens

The Studio City True Zero station, located in the San Fernando Valley in the greater Los Angeles area, was developed by FirstElement Fuel. It will be open 24 hours a day and is located at 3780 Cahuenga Boulevard, Studio City, CA. 91604.  The price of hydrogen is $13.14 per kilogram.

Studio City hydrogen fueling station in California

The Studio City hydrogen station capacity is 808 kilograms and has two fueling positions with a total of three nozzles (two H70 nozzles and one H35 nozzle). It is part of the next wave of larger hydrogen stations with greater capacity, diversified hydrogen sources and a lower pump price. 

This and future stations like it will help meet the needs of the growing fuel cell passenger car market in the San Fernando Valley and Southern California.

The station offers 100% renewable hydrogen. California requires that at least 33% of hydrogen fuel come from renewable sources. For stations that qualify for the Low Carbon Fuel Standard ZEV infrastructure credit, that amount increases to 40%.

To learn more about this and other stations in California, visit CaFCP’s station map at

CaFCP has a mobile-friendly website, Station Operational Status System (SOSS), that shows station availability and provides other station information, including hours of operation, address, H2 station operator and developer, etc.: