33rd Hydrogen Station Opens in Thousand Oaks, CA

The Thousand Oaks True Zero hydrogen station is open for business! It is the 33rd retail hydrogen station in California and was developed by FirstElement Fuel.

Thousand Oaks hydrogen station

Thousand Oaks is the second largest city in Ventura County, northwest of Los Angeles. Ventura is often described as being part of California’s Central Coast. 

The station will be open 24 hours a day and is located at 3102 Thousand Oaks Blvd., Thousand Oaks, CA 91362.

To learn more about the station, you can visit CaFCP’s station map at http://cafcp.org/stationmap. CaFCP also has a mobile-friendly website, Station Operational Status System (SOSS), that shows station availability and provides other station information (hours of operation, address, H2 station operator and developer, etc.): http://m.cafcp.org.