Air Products Statement for Hydrogen Supply Shortage


"Air Products would like to provide an update to hydrogen fueling customers affected by an unexpected disruption to our hydrogen supply chain. We are actively working to resolve this unexpected disruption, which has been caused by a contemporaneous series of unrelated issues at several liquid hydrogen production and supply sites. We are addressing the matter as rapidly as we can and are hopeful to have the situation remedied and have restored regular hydrogen supply in the early days of August. We regret any inconvenience that may have resulted.

"We are also pleased to share with you and want to make you aware that we will be adding infrastructure in Southern California which will support and increase our hydrogen filling capabilities. We are targeting this new investment in fueling infrastructure and capability to be operational by the end of August.

"Again, we regret any inconvenience fueling customers may be currently experiencing and reassure you we are focused on resolving the issue as soon as possible, and with the near-term outlook even stronger with the added fueling infrastructure to be put in place. Please be assured that Air Products remains committed to providing a safe and highly reliable hydrogen supply to the local FCEV market."