CaFCP 20th Anniversary

CaFCP 20th Anniversary

Earlier this year, we quietly celebrated our 20th anniversary as the California Fuel Cell Partnership in a blog post. We were launched on Earth Day 1999 with a goal to bring together automakers, government, private industry and others to further fuel cell technology for transportation.

Last week, we culminated our 20th anniversary with a celebration in Sacramento.

It was a chance to celebrate with more than 140 long-time colleagues, friends and newcomers to our growing community. It was quite the sight to see so many people who have participated in CaFCP over the past 20 years, and who have played critical roles in the development of fuel cell technology, hydrogen production and infrastructure.

We had a brief but thoughtful program with key figures from the earliest days of CaFCP. Alan Lloyd, former chair of the California Air Resources Board, shared with us memories of the earliest years of the Partnership. Justin Ward of Toyota shared some of his early experiences with members on safety, fueling and more. And we honored Catherine Dunwoody for her sixteen years of service as CaFCP’s first executive director.

Catherine had some thoughtful words about CaFCP and what makes us special.

Collaboration…the Partnership has always been about collaboration. It’s in our DNA. Collaboration takes longer…but it’s really worth it. Vision…we’ve always had a vision for where we want to go. We’ve always put our vision out there and been bold about it.”

We captured Catherine’s and others’ remarks on video, and took photos throughout the evening. 

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Thanks to all who attended and those who have continued to support the California Fuel Cell Partnership and its mission to advance fuel cell electric vehicles, hydrogen production and hydrogen infrastructure. And a big thank you to our event sponsors who made the evening possible. 

Here’s to another 20 years of partnership and collaboration.

Bill Elrick
Executive Director

California Fuel Cell Partnership 20th Anniversary Celebration - October 16, 2019

Catherine Dunwoody, former executive director of the California Fuel Cell Partnership, with current and former member representatives:
Left to right: Alan Lloyd, former chair of the California Air Resources Board, Steve Ellis, Honda, Catherine Dunwoody, CARB, Christian Mohrdieck, Mercedes-Benz, John Wallace, Ford, Andreas Truckenbrodt, Loop Energy, Justin Ward, Toyota, and Robert Bienenfeld, Honda.