National Hydrogen Day 10/8/2017

For National Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Day, we’ve received a lot of great photos from drivers and fans of the technology. We compiled a few of them into a collage.


National Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Day photo collage 10/8/2017


Smack dab in the center of the collage is the San Ramon city council with a city-owned Toyota Mirai. The San Ramon station opened a few months ago and they’re proud to be a host city. We’ll be celebrating its opening at a ribbon cutting this week.

To the lower left is Adam from Alhambra, CA standing in front of seven (count ‘em, seven!) Toyota Mirai at the newly upgraded Torrance station. Just like battery-electric aficionados, fuel cell car drivers are getting together and sharing their love of the technology. A ribbon cutting for the Torrance station takes place this week, too.

To the left and lower right are buses from AC Transit in Oakland and SARTA in Ohio.

AC Transit drove its fuel cell electric bus to Reno, NV for the American Public Transportation Associations 2017 Bus and Paratransit Conference with great results. We’ll tell you more about that in a blog later this week.

SARTA (Stark Area Regional Transit Authority) in Canton, Ohio has four fuel cell electric buses on the road and they expect to receive nine more in 2018 for a total of 13 FCEBs. AC Transit has 13 currently and that number will grow to 24 in a few years.

Drivers have also shared with us their license plates. Many include H20 in them, a reference to the emission from the tailpipe. Here’s one of our favorites.


Rodney Pearlman's MakeH2O license plate
Photo by Rodney Pearlman


Tadashi from Dublin, CA, who drives a Honda Clarity, shared with us several photos that wowed us. They combine the free spirit of fuel cell electric vehicles and the landscape of our great state. We couldn’t resist putting them into a separate collage.


Tadashi Ogitsu's photo collage for National Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Day 10/8/2017