National Hydrogen Day - Unsung Hydrogen Heroes

On this National Hydrogen Day, we’re introducing you to a few of the people who work behind the scenes, day in and day out. They, and thousands of people like them around the world, help make fuel cell electric vehicles and hydrogen stations a reality.

  • Jackie Birdsall: Toyota engineer who has been working on fuel cell cars since college.
  • Chris LaFluer: Sandia scientist whose research has led to many of today’s safety codes and standards
  • Kelly Markham: Caltrans PIO representing one of the first state agencies to embrace FCEVs in its fleet
  • Jose Cardenas, Jose Vega, Derrick Lee, and Raymond Yuen: AC Transit mechanics who keep the large fleet of fuel cell buses on the roads in Oakland and Berkeley
  • Fred Krolop and Kim Chan: Linde hydrogen station technicians who keep the stations running

Thanks for all you do!

Hydrogen Day 10/8/2018 unsung heroes collage