Nobel laureate and former Energy Secretary gets driven in one of the world's first commercially available fuel cell electric cars to the 232nd ECS meeting for his keynote speech, particularly fitting because electrochemistry was at the heart of enabling this technology. Forty years ago, government, national labs and industry convened to brainstorm options for reducing dependence on foreign oil and the DOE fuel cell program was born.

For National Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Day, we’ve received a lot of great photos from drivers and fans of the technology. We compiled a few of them into a collage.


National Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Day, October 8, will soon be upon us and the California Fuel Cell Partnership is looking to our many fuel cell electric car drivers and others to join us in celebrating.

We are pleased to announce that the Fremont hydrogen station is now open to the public as a retail station. It is the 31st retail hydrogen station in California and is operated by FirstElement Fuel. To learn more about the station, you can visit CaFCP’s station map at

The California Air Resources Board released its 2017 Annual Evaluation of Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle Deployment and Hydrogen Fuel Station Network Development that documents the growth in hydrogen stations and FCEVs since mid-2016. On August 29 CaFCP hosted a webinar about the report. 

We are pleased to announce that the Torrance Shell hydrogen station has been upgraded and is now open to the public as a retail station. It is the 30th retail hydrogen station in California. It is the only hydrogen station in the U.S., and one of the few in the world, to be fed by a hydrogen pipeline. The upgrade was funded by the California Energy Commission and administered by the South Coast Air Quality Management, and upgrade activities undertaken by station operator Shell.

California recently opened its 29th hydrogen station in California. By the end of the year, we’ll see more stations online, and even more in 2018. 

More stations means more fuel cell electric cars. And more cars means more hydrogen being dispensed, especially renewable hydrogen.

In California, hydrogen is on a renewable pathway, just like electricity.  At least 33% of the hydrogen sold today at these stations must be renewable. 

You can find the video recording from the webinar here and presentation PDF here.

The California Fuel Cell Partnership is pleased to welcome California’s 29th retail hydrogen station in San Ramon.

Built by The Linde Group, this new station is their third retail hydrogen station in California. Linde developed California’s first retail station in West Sacramento and also operates one in San Juan Capistrano.

Today, the Golden State welcomes its 28th retail hydrogen station in the City of Lawndale. Like most of California’s retail hydrogen stations, the Lawndale station is open 24 hours.