The EU Hydrogen Strategy: why it should be welcomed
We support the strategy's focus on creating lead markets for mobility and industrial applications as well as the endorsement of a "full supply chain" to synchronise the scaling of supply and demand for clean hydrogen.
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Cummins fuel cells "in training" for their 2022 Winter Olympics debut
Publish Date: 7/31/2020
For close to two years, Cummins fuel cells have been doing their own Olympic style training by powering 74 transit buses on the roads in Zhangjiakou. A challenging location with elevation at over 2,300 feet and temperatures reaching as low as 17 degrees Fahrenheit in winter, our Cummins fuel cell powered buses are ready for the test.
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World's first byproduct hydrogen power plant opened
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Toshiba's megawatt fuel cells have enough juice to power a factory; Hydrogen system bolsters Japan's efforts toward renewables
Toshiba is set to roll out a hydrogen-powered fuel cell system capable of generating enough electricity to power 1,000 homes, or an entire factory or hospital in a boost to a government push of the zero-emission energy source. Toshiba Energy Systems & Solutions has developed a 1 megawatt system consisting of at least 10 of its existing 100kW hydrogen fuel cells and will start selling it as early as this fiscal year. A megawatt equals 1,000kW.
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Kvaerner will build hydrogen modules together with Nel
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Linde to Build and Operate World's First Hydrogen Refueling Station for Passenger Trains
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Toshiba's megawatt fuel cells have enough juice to power a factory: Hydrogen system bolsters Japan's efforts toward renewables
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Microsoft successfully tests hydrogen fuel cells for backup power at datacenters
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Microsoft tests hydrogen fuel cells for backup power at datacenters
Publish Date: 7/27/2020
Internal conversations about how to secure this infrastructure have led to discussions about the role Microsoft could play in spurring the hydrogen economy, Janous noted.
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BMW’s X5 SUV Will Get a Hydrogen Fuel-Cell Version in 2022; Carmaker is sticking to strategy of making all drive types
The technology “could have the potential to become another pillar in the portfolio of BMW,” Chief Executive Officer Oliver Zipse said.
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For job growth, boost hydrogen infrastructure
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Hydrogen-injected natural gas to heat homes in Alberta city next year; Pilot project comes as the provincial government works on a strategy for growing the hydrogen industry
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The World’s Biggest Green Hydrogen Plant Is Planned For California. Its Prospects For Electric Power And Transportation?
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CTE Releases Guidebook for Deploying Zero-Emission Transit Buses
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Hexagon granted funding by the U.S Department of Energy
Hexagon has been granted USD 2.6 million in initial funding by the U.S Department of Energy to research how carbon fiber and composite structure can be optimized to reduce hydrogen and natural gas storage tank costs.
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This Female Engineer is Paving the Way for Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicles
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GM Statement on Fuel Cell Development
GM is committed to fuel cells as a complement to battery-electric propulsion. We are fully engaged with our partner, Honda, to commercialize the world’s best fuel cell technology for use by both companies across a range of applications. These fuel cells will be manufactured in Brownstown, Michigan as previously announced. Our commercialization commitment and timing for fuel cells remains unchanged. In fact, we are currently installing the manufacturing equipment in our Brownstown facility. Like our Ultium battery vehicle programs, the timing of our fuel cell program has not been delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
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Hexagon Purus receives first contract to provide hydrogen transport modules in the US
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Linde Signs MoU with China Power to Develop Green Hydrogen Energy in China
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IHS Markit: Production of Carbon-Free “Green” Hydrogen Could Be Cost Competitive by 2030
“Costs for producing green hydrogen have fallen 50% since 2015 and could be reduced by an additional 30% by 2025 due to the benefits of increased scale and more standardized manufacturing, among other factors,” said Simon Blakey, IHS Markit Senior Advisor, Global Gas.
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PLUG POWER ANNOUNCES COMMERCIAL LAUNCH OF GENSURE HP FUEL CELL PLATFORM; New High Power Stationary Fuel Cell Systems Designed for Large-Scale Backup Power Applications Including Data Centers, Energy Storage Systems, and Microgrids
Plug Power Inc. announced the launch of its GenSure HP (high power) platform, a line of zero-emission stationary fuel cell systems designed for large-scale, high power backup power applications. This product line is focused on the largest segments in the $15 billion stationary power available market. Initially available in power output configurations ranging from 500 kilowatts (kW) to 1.5 megawatts (MW), the new GenSure HP platform offers a reliable and rapidly deployable solution for power-hungry data centers, energy storage systems, microgrids, and other high power commercial facilities.
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Korea should partner with Germany for hydrogen economy: report
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A Hydrogen Strategy for a climate neutral Europe
A number of Member States have identified renewable and low-carbon hydrogen as a strategic element of their National Energy and Climate Plans. These plans will have to be taken into account when designing the national recovery and resilience plans in the context of new Recovery and Resilience Facility.
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Solar provides fertile ground for ‘green’ hydrogen chemical plant
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South Korea to spend $95 billion on green projects to boost economy
South Korea outlined a plan on Tuesday to spend 114.1 trillion won (£75.38 billion, $85 billion) on a “New Deal” to create jobs and help the economy recover from the coronavirus fallout, anchored in part by “green” investment in electric vehicles and hydrogen cars.
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