Plug Power Expands Hydrogen Supply Chain Partner Network in Spain with CLH

Through the agreement, CLH will develop hydrogen production assets and downstream markets in Spain, in the industrial, mobility and power production/storage sectors for distribution to Plug Power customers throughout Europe.

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China’s Hydrogen Fuel-Cell Push Spurs British Chemical Maker’s Profits

Plastic Omnium wins 'significant contract' for hydrogen tanks

The contract, the details of which have not been disclosed, involves the supply of equipment for buses and is claimed to be the largest project in Europe for this type of vehicle.

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The role of hydrogen in the energy transition

Kevin O’Donovan chats with Willi Meixner, CEO of Power Generation Operations at Siemens Gas and Power during the 24th World Energy Congress in Abu Dhabi.

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145 years after Jules Verne dreamed up a hydrogen future, it has arrived

Chief Scientist Alan Finkel says Australia can be a world leader in hydrogen production and export.

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Navajos reach deal to turn vented methane in southern Utah into hydrogen
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The climate target to reduce CO2 emissions in Belgium by 80% by 2050 compared to 2005 levels is a major challenge. Hydrogen has an important role to play in the mix of solutions to achieve results. That is why Deme, Engie, Exmar, Fluxys, Port of Antwerp, Port of Zeebrugge and WaterstofNet are joining forces. A joint study serves as a basis to coordinate delivery of concrete projects that shape the production, transport and storage of hydrogen.

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How ‘Green Hydrogen’ Could Make ‘Green Steel’ Real

Green hydrogen could become economical in the 2030s, according to BloombergNEF. That assumes policy makers provide incentives to support it. Costs are expected to tumble as electrolysis technology becomes more efficient and production is scaled up. Moves by European governments to increase the cost of carbon dioxide emissions could further tilt the economics of the market in favor of hydrogen.

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Everfuel and Shell in strategic cooperation to establish 20MW Electrolyser next to Danish refinery. Expansion ambition up to 1GW.

Hydrogen will be used in the refinery and as green hydrogen fuel for heavy duty vehicles in Denmark.

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Two Centers of Innovation [GTI and EPRI] Work More Closely
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Anheuser-Busch Completes First Zero-Emission Beer Delivery
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Sinopec and Air Liquide Inaugurate Two Hydrogen Stations in Shanghai
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Faurecia and Michelin formalize their joint venture and aim to create a worldwide leader in hydrogen mobility
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America’s Fuel Cell Revolution – The California Fuel Cell Partnership
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Toyota press conference at the L.A. Auto Show

The portion of the press conference devoted to the next-generation fuel cell car, the 2021 Mirai, begins around minute 19:33.

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Secretive energy startup backed by Bill Gates achieves solar breakthrough

Heliogen said it is generating so much heat that its technology could eventually be used to create clean hydrogen at scale. That carbon-free hydrogen could then be turned into a fuel for trucks and airplanes.
"If you can make hydrogen that's green, that's a gamechanger," said Gross. "Long term, we want to be the green hydrogen company."

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Future scenarios of bus business according to Cummins. Interview with Brian Wilson
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Nikola Corporation to Unveil Game-Changing Battery Cell Technology at Nikola World 2020
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Video: James May has bought ANOTHER new car
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Van Hool: Demand for hydrogen-powered buses is rising rapidly
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San Bernardino County agency orders its first zero-emission train for Redlands rail service
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Hydrogen emerges as the most practical way to generate the 1,000-degree temperatures heavy industry needs.
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China's Foton aims to sell 200,000 new energy commercial vehicles by 2025
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Siemens building electroysis plant for hydrogen-based steelmaking
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