‘Particularly significant’ year for Scottish energy sector as climate emergency came calling
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Heavy-Duty Hydrogen: Fuel Cell Trains And Trucks Power Up For The 2020s
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"More hydrogen!" Senator for Economic Affairs Michael Westhagemann on more climate protection for Hamburg and the necessary technologies for it

"The biggest challenge is that we have to make progress in a variety of areas in terms of the energy transition and climate protection, not only in the electricity market, but also in mobility, building heating and industry. Hydrogen as a universal energy storage is an indispensable building block."

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Hydrogen fuel cells gaining momentum

Don Brunell, retired president of the Association of Washington Business, writes, "Now that hydrogen technology is growing in acceptance, it is starting to scale up, reduce production costs, and accelerate infrastructure and research."


The (Green) Hydrogen Economy is About to Take Off [story from the Rocky Mountain Institute]

With a 12X increase in the capacity of electrolyzers on its way over the next five years, hydrogen is poised to begin delivering on its promise.

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Sweden’s Summer Sunshine Stored in Hydrogen for the Winter
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How We Can Transition to a Low Carbon Future: An interview with Patrick Molloy of the Rocky Mountain Institute

"I think there's a preconception in a lot of places that fuel cells versus battery electric vehicles is the right conversation. I disagree with that. Fuel cell electric vehicles offer a very distinct set of advantages for certain use cases. In other cases, battery electric vehicles will be a very strong option. Our focus should be on removing internal combustion engines and moving toward a situation where we have a zero carbon solution for all of mobility."

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Driving towards a greener future: Nikola’s freight expectations

“Our first pilot hydrogen station is going to be installed next year in Arizona, and that’s where Anheuser-Busch has a location,” affirms [Jesse] Schneider [executive vice president of Nikola Motor], “and in 2022, we’ll be spreading out to California – planning to ramp up to 10 stations to California and then expand beyond that.”

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What differentiates the Nikola truck from the Tesla semi?
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Nel ASA: Establishes joint venture to supply green hydrogen to Hyundai trucks in Norway

Nel Fuel AS, a subsidiary of Nel ASA today announces the establishment of Green H2 Norway, a joint venture together with H2 Energy AS (H2 Energy), Greenstat AS (Greenstat) and Akershus Energi Infrastruktur AS (Akershus Energi). Green H2 Norway will establish renewable hydrogen production facilities in Norway to supply hydrogen to Hyundai trucks which are expected in Norway from 2020.

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Everfuel awarded €6m for establishment of hydrogen production facility in Denmark
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Platts launches first US and European hydrogen assessments

"We estimate that a shift to zero-carbon hydrogen in existing applications, along with modest penetration in gas pipelines and trucks, can reduce global energy combustion CO2 emissions by more than 7%," said Roman Kramarchuk, head of energy scenarios, policy and technology, S&P Global Platts Analytics.

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2020 Honda Clarity Fuel Cell will work better in the cold now
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Nuvera Breaks Ground on Automated Fuel Cell Production Facility in China
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German industry talks up ‘carbon-free’ hydrogen from fossil gas
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Q&A: Building a hydrogen society with Panasonic
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Natural gas plant replacing Los Angeles coal power to be 100% hydrogen by 2045: LADWP
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California and Seven States Commit to Faster Transition to Zero-Emission Trucks and Buses

Today California, Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Oregon, Rhode Island and Vermont committed to move forward together to develop an agreement and action plan to put hundreds of thousands more zero-emission trucks and buses onto their roads and highways. The Statement of Intent announced today is intended to support accelerated deployment of medium- and heavy-duty zero emission trucks and buses.

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Ballard Receives $19.2M Order from Weichai-Ballard JV for MEAs to Power Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles in China

Once operational, the Weichai-Ballard JV production facility will begin the manufacture of next-generation LCS fuel cell stacks and LCS-based modules to power Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles (FCEVs) for the China market. The Weichai-Ballard JV is expected to have initial production capacity of 20,000 fuel cell stacks, or 10,000 modules, based on a two-shift operation.

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Asko uses hydrogen trucks: - We will be one of the first in the world

Four hydrogen trucks will deliver goods for Asko in Trondheim after Christmas. The wholesaler hopes this is the start of a new era for clean goods transport.

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Green hydrogen production: Landscape, projects and costs

A new report from Wood Mackenzie shows promise for the emerging technology.

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5 Emerging Energy Technologies to Watch Out For in 2020

Renewably produced hydrogen is fast moving from the category "emerging" to "established." At least 10 countries are already jostling for leadership positions in what some see as the next big thing in energy.

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HYON AS: Awarded grant to deliver hydrogen to ferries and cruise ships in the Geirangerfjord
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Hydrogène de France Announces the World's First Plant for Mass Production of High-Powered Fuel Cells (Over 1 MW)

Los Angeles wants to build a hydrogen-fueled power plant. It’s never been done before
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