Eon, the Port of Rotterdam Authority and Deltaport Niederrheinhäfen want to build an infrastructure for propelling ships with "green" energy from hydrogen and battery power.
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Germany wants to import hydrogen from West Africa

Germany is building a partnership with West African countries to import green hydrogen. Research Minister Anja Karliczek said after meeting her colleague Yahouza Sadissou from Niger.

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Cummins Looks To Power Electric Fleet Vehicles
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Can we adjust to oil? - I'm not worried, says the oil expert
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How Renewable Energy Will Make All The Cheap Hydrogen We Need
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Faurecia, one of the world’s leading automotive technology companies, was recently awarded a significant contract for fuel cell electric vehicle storage systems from Hyundai Motor Company.
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Trains go green: focus on battery and hydrogen
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CNH Industrial brands IVECO and FPT together with Nikola Motor Company announce future Nikola TRE production in Ulm, Germany

The IVECO manufacturing facility in Ulm, Germany, will host the production hub for the Nikola TRE battery electric and fuel-cell electric heavy-duty truck models.

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Zero-carbon hydrogen injected into gas grid for first time in groundbreaking UK trial: Blend of hydrogen and natural gas is being used to heat homes and faculty buildings at Keele University
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Hyundai Motor to Produce Hydrogen Commercial Cars in China
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Investors hit the gas on hydrogen producers: Falling costs boost element’s potential in broader transition away from fossil fuels
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Norway: Norwegian transport giant is first out with trucks that only run on hydrogen

Transport giant Asko will make its trucks completely emissions-free from 2026. The first clean hydrogen truck is already on the road, and more are on the way.

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OCTA Debuts Nation’s Largest Hydrogen Fueling Station and 10 Zero-Emission Fuel Cell Electric Buses
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Western Energy Hub Poised for Pivotal Role Supplying California Markets with Green Energy

As detailed in the paper, "Integrating Clean Energy Technologies with Existing Infrastructure," the Western Energy Hub, near Delta, Utah, sits atop the only known utility-scale "Gulf Coast"-style salt dome in the western U.S., capable of storing gases, including hydrogen and compressed air, that can be drawn upon efficiently and economically to meet variable power requirements. For example, power from renewable sources can be stored as hydrogen and later returned to the grid as electricity in a variety of ways, including as a carbon-free fuel for combined-cycle turbines such as those that will be installed at the adjacent Intermountain Power Project for startup in 2025.

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Linde Signs Agreement with Korea Expressway Corporation for New Hydrogen Refueling Stations in South Korea
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The Vice President of the EU Commission sees the "Green Deal" as an opportunity for Europe. Timmermans strives to play a leading role in hydrogen.
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It is time to unlock the potential of hydrogen; Even with industrialisation, renewables cannot solve the climate change challenge

The issue is a classic example of the need for public/private co-operation. Governments can set the regulatory framework and support research but private investment is needed to deliver major projects and make hydrogen a viable alternative fuel.

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Air Products Supplies Hydrogen Bus Fueling Innovation to OCTA in California: Grand Opening of Nation's Largest Fast-Fill Hydrogen Bus Fueling Station for Orange County Transportation Authority Fleet

The new fueling station, located at OCTA's bus depot, is equipped with Air Products' SmartFuel® hydrogen fueling technology, design, and equipment. OCTA's current hydrogen fuel cell electric bus fleet is comprised of 10 buses, but the station is built for future growth. It has a bus fueling capacity for up to 50 buses, which corresponds to fueling up to 1,500 kilograms (kg) of hydrogen in an eight-hour time period. The station can fuel transit buses with an average of 28 kg of hydrogen per bus in a time frame of 6 to 10 minutes per bus, while also providing back-to-back bus fueling for up to 30 buses and simultaneous fueling capability with multiple fueling lanes.

Related news release by CaFCP member, the Center for Transportation and the Environment: https://cte.tv/octa-hydrogen-station-and-fcebs/

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Belgium hopes to lead world with new hydrogen project

Surplus wind power could soon light and heat Belgian homes thanks to a planned hydrogen plant on the North Sea coast, set to be the world’s first commercial-scale project of its type.

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"National Hydrogen Strategy": 31 measures to make Germany a pioneer

The centerpiece of the National Strategy is a catalog of 31 measures, which include the areas of generation, industry, infrastructure, transport, heating and research. As a "first step", the Federal Government wants to boost "domestic hydrogen production and use".

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Experimental assessment of the combustion performance of an oven burner operated on pipeline natural gas mixed with hydrogen

The results indicate that 25% (by volume) hydrogen can be added to natural gas without significant impacts.

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France launches first wind-powered hydrogen plant: A start-up has raised €8 million to build France’s first wind-powered hydrogen plant in northwest France, with plans to deploy its concept to offshore wind by 2025.
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Hydrogen’s Decarbonization Impact for Industry: Near-term challenges and long-term potential

When considering what a global energy system on a 1.5°C or 2°C pathway will look like by 2050, hydrogen consistently plays a critical role as a low-carbon fuel. In fact, for several industrial application areas, there are no other viable pathways to decarbonization.

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Ballard Powers Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles For Unprecedented 30 Million Kilometers - Enough to Circle the Globe 750 Times
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