Exclusive: Oakland hydrogen station retailing at $12 per kg

The Oakland hydrogen station has three times the capacity of previously built open retail True Zero stations and has two fuelling positions with three nozzles – two at H70 and one at H35.

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Ballard Receives PO From Anglo American for 900kW of Fuel Cell Modules to Support Mining Truck Demonstration Project
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Singapore based SP Group has established the first zero-emission building in Southeast Asia that is fully powered by green hydrogen.
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Liquid hydrogen plant planned for North Las Vegas industrial park
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Hyundai Unveils Fuel Cell Truck, Explores U.S. Commercial Vehicle Market
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Daimler Trucks & Buses targets completely CO2-neutral fleet of new vehicles by 2039 in key regions

By the end of the next decade, Daimler Trucks & Buses will extend itsrange of vehicles with hydrogen-powered series production vehicles.

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Arizona-based company to build hydrogen-powered semis and off-road vehicles
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Excerpt: There is an app maintained by the California Fuel Cell Partnership that does a terrific job of telling you not only where your nearest refueling spot is but whether or not it actually has fuel.

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Seoul government eyes having 4,000 fuel-cell cars on its roads by 2022
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San Diego MTS Launches $12.5 Million Electric Bus Pilot Program

MTS has six of the electric buses, with another two on the way. It also plans to order two fuel cell-powered buses.

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After 40-Year Losing Streak, Fuel-Cell Maker Shares Are Soaring

* Canada’s Ballard yet to post profit but investors are buying
* Hydrogen’s appeal broadens as costs plummet, emissions tighten

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