Renewable hydrogen for transportation and energy storage—and so much more

California recently opened its 29th hydrogen station in California. By the end of the year, we’ll see more stations online, and even more in 2018. 

More stations means more fuel cell electric cars. And more cars means more hydrogen being dispensed, especially renewable hydrogen.

In California, hydrogen is on a renewable pathway, just like electricity.  At least 33% of the hydrogen sold today at these stations must be renewable. 

Renewable hydrogen for transportation and energy storage – and so much more
Photo courtesy of ITM Power

With so much excess capacity on the California electric grid, and more being developed, there’s an opportunity to produce renewable hydrogen for transportation. But hydrogen can do much more – it is a high volume and seasonal storage medium, provides grid stability and serves other industrial purposes. 

CaFCP members are showing how hydrogen from wind and solar power can be used for transportation and storage, here and around the world. Below are a few examples.

Bill Elrick, Executive Director, CaFCP