HyVelocity Hub: A Commitment to Advance Clean, Affordable, At-Scale Hydrogen in Texas and Louisiana
Publish Date: 11/10/2022
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4 Nuclear Power Plants Gearing Up for Clean Hydrogen Production
Publish Date: 11/9/2022

That’s why the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) is investing billions to help lower the cost and scale-up the production of clean hydrogen by leveraging the nation’s existing energy assets, including nuclear power plants.

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Scania to deliver fuel cell trucks to Switzerland
Publish Date: 11/8/2022

We now develop Scania’s first fuel cell trucks for delivery to customers; the Swiss companies Emmi AG, Genossenschaft Migros Zürich, Gysin Tiefbau AG and TRAVECO Transporte AG.

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Nearly $4 million coming to Champaign-Urbana MTD
Publish Date: 10/25/2022

Out of MTD’s 118 bus fleet, only two are hydrogen fuel cell electric buses. With federal funding, Gnadt hopes to add 10 more.

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Oakland tests electric transit buses for resilience in vehicle-to-building pilot; Battery-powered buses will contribute six hours of backup power while hydrogen buses will provide 11 hours.
Publish Date: 11/12/2022

“Many low-income communities of color share streets and fence lines with the freight industry and suffer deadly pollution from petroleum combustion,” said WOEIP Co-Executive Director Brian Beveridge in a statement. “With our electrical grids straining under the demands of global warming and solar and wind not keeping pace with the urgent need, hydrogen may offer another tool in the toolbox of zero-emission freight transportation opportunities.”

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Major Southeast Utilities Establish Hydrogen Hub Coalition
Publish Date: 11/1/2022

A newly formed coalition including major utility companies Dominion Energy, Duke Energy, Louisville Gas & Electric Company and Kentucky Utilities Company (LG&E and KU), Southern Company and the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA), along with Battelle and others, announced today its plan to pursue federal financial support for a Southeast Hydrogen Hub. The coalition will respond to the recently announced funding opportunity from the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), which includes $8 billion for regional hydrogen hubs and is part of the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA).

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‘Hydrogen road map’: The lightest element can play a heavy-duty role in Michigan’s clean-energy transition
Publish Date: 9/23/2022

In the near term, Michigan’s main hydrogen-fuel opportunities are in the transportation sector, specifically medium- and heavy-duty trucks on interstate highways, according to the report. Many of those trucks are not good candidates for replacement with battery-powered electric vehicles.

In addition to medium- and heavy-duty trucks, a potential near-term Michigan application of hydrogen fuel is long-distance ferries, like those that cross Lake Michigan between Ludington, Michigan, and Manitowoc, Wisconsin, and that carry national park visitors to Isle Royale, according to the report. Battery-electric ferries are better-suited for shorter routes.

The report also recommended further exploration of hydrogen as a fuel to power Great Lakes freighters, as well as Amtrak and freight trains on Chicago to Detroit/Port Huron routes.

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Toyota, Cummins eye hydrogen-combustion engines: While auto and truck manufacturers spend heavily on fuel cell development, Toyota, Cummins and others see a future for hydrogen-combustion engines.
Publish Date: 11/7/2022
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Pacific Northwest Hydrogen Association submits concept paper, advances bid for US Dept. of Energy Hydrogen Hubs opportunity
Publish Date: 11/7/2022

“By leveraging the region’s tremendous renewable energy capacity, low-cost electricity, strong electric utility leadership, extensive transportation network, and leading climate, environmental justice and economic policies, the PNWH2 Hub will create good jobs across the region,” said PNWH2 Board Chair and Washington State Commerce Director Lisa Brown.

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Turquoise hydrogen made from pyrolysis ‘is efficient and potentially carbon negative’
Publish Date: 10/31/2022

The joint publication builds on it and highlights the potential of alternative, yet currently mostly overlooked, energy sources such waste, wastewater, sewage sludge, biomass and green gases that are underutilised but available today.


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Hydrogen partnerships springing up across the U.S. could accelerate fuel cell adoption
Publish Date: 10/28/2022
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Five charts on hydrogen’s role in a net-zero future
Publish Date: 10/25/2022

Hydrogen could play a central role in helping the world reach net-zero emissions by 2050. As a complement to other technologies, including renewable power and biofuels, hydrogen has the potential to decarbonize industries including steel, petrochemicals, fertilizers, heavy-duty mobility (on and off-road), maritime shipping, and aviation, as well as to support flexible power generation (among other applications). In 2050, hydrogen could contribute more than 20 percent of annual global emissions reductions.

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XCIENT Fuel Cell Fleet Racks Up 5 Million km, Reinforcing Hyundai's Hydrogen Leadership
Publish Date: 10/27/2022

Hyundai Motor Company today announced that its fleet of XCIENT Fuel Cell heavy-duty trucks in Switzerland has accumulated more than 5 million km in two years. Starting in 2020, the company exported 47 units of the hydrogen-powered, zero-emission commercial trucks to 23 Swiss companies, which are using them for logistics, distribution and supermarket fulfillment.

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Stellantis Hordain: First Plant in the World to Produce Hydrogen-powered, Electric and Combustion Engine Commercial Vehicles
Publish Date: 10/27/2022

New investment at Hordain is scaling up production of the Peugeot Expert, Citroën Jumpy and Opel Vivaro fuel cell light commercial vehicles to an industrial level

From 2024, the site will have a production capacity of 5,000 vehicles per year, reaffirming Stellantis’ ambition to be the first mass-produced manufacturer of hydrogen-powered utility vehicles

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Interview – The Geopolitics of Hydrogen
Publish Date: 10/26/2022

According to a CSIS report, it is expected that clean hydrogen may significantly alter bilateral energy ties in the Indo-pacific region. On the other hand, can you elaborate further on how the ongoing Russian-Ukraine war will change the dynamics of the clean hydrogen trade in Asia?

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Panel Discusses the Future of Zero-Emission Trucks
Publish Date: 10/24/2022

Rakesh Aneja, vice president of eMobility at Daimler Truck North America:  “Electric trucks are being delivered to customers now, and hopefully hydrogen trucks are going to follow shortly thereafter. The demand is high and the availability of the new fuel — whether it be electric energy or hydrogen — is a critical item to allow ramp up at scale.”

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First Mode Establishes Proving Grounds in Centralia, Washington for Ultra-Class Haul Trucks
Publish Date: 10/25/2022
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Crédit Agricole signs a contract for 10,000 hydrogen cars with the French manufacturer Hopium
Publish Date: 10/22/2022

“This is part of the French and European industrial renewal in the production of clean vehicles  ", welcomes Jean-Baptiste Djebbari, the former Minister for Transport, now Chairman of the Board of Directors of Hopium. The Machina in question, a sedan that promises a range of 1,000 km, will however display a premium price of 120,000 euros. "But industrial models provide for a decrease in the cost of 3% to 5% per year for fuel cell vehicles", promises Jean-Baptiste Djebbari . The Machina will be manufactured in Normandy from 2025 and the objective is to market it the same year.

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Publish Date: 10/11/2022

Hyster Company announces testing of a top-pick container handler powered by hydrogen fuel cells (HFC) at Fenix Marine Services in the Port of Los Angeles. Building on the industry standard Hyster® H1050-1150XD-CH top-pick container handler design, the truck is powered by two 45kw hydrogen fuel cells from Nuvera, a wholly owned subsidiary of Hyster parent company Hyster-Yale Group. 

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Valley Link Rail to Construct Hydrogen Production Facility in California
Publish Date: 10/18/2022

The Tri-Valley – San Joaquin Valley Regional Rail Authority has reached a final agreement with the City of Tracy, California to purchase 200 acres for a green hydrogen production facility as part of the Valley Link Rail project.

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Hydrogen: A Compelling Solution for Remote EV Charging and Deployment
Publish Date: 10/20/2022
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Nikola Highlights Benefits to Integrated Truck and Energy Business Model from The Inflation Reduction Act
Publish Date: 10/20/2022

The Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) is expected to provide a significant boost to Nikola’s low carbon hydrogen energy business strategy, enabling lower cost hydrogen supply and dispensing infrastructure

Nikola’s energy business aims to develop access of up to 300 metric-tons of low carbon hydrogen supply and up to 60 hydrogen dispensing stations by 2026

The IRA energy and other climate incentives are anticipated to lower costs across Nikola’s expected portfolio creating greater value for Nikola’s integrated business model

The IRA’s incentives for energy and zero-emissions truck manufacturing businesses are expected to further enable Nikola’s zero-emission trucks to be competitive on a total cost of ownership basis when compared to traditional diesel vehicles

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Spotlight on Europe: Hydrogen Council leaders meet at a turning point for EU’s hydrogen future
Publish Date: 10/20/2022
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Hopium unveils ‘first’ hydrogen-powered sedan
Publish Date: 10/19/2022
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Air Liquide, Chevron, LyondellBasell, and Uniper to pursue a low carbon hydrogen and ammonia project along the U.S. Gulf Coast
Publish Date: 10/19/2022
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